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Dakota Door Sales is proud to provide all of our local Central Tennessee business owners and residents with best-in-class garage door spring repair services. Since 1997, our team of dedicated service professionals has maintained valuable relationships with our customers and our community, providing service on the foundation of integrity, quality workmanship, and complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today for garage door spring repair near you!

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Garage Door Springs: What Are They? What Do They Do?

If you’ve been around for as long as we have, chances are that you remember slinkies! In case you don’t recall, slinkies were a colorful coiling toy that expanded and contracted, boinging around as they went. While your garage door springs aren’t exactly colorful, or even half as fun as slinkies were, they serve a very important purpose for garage door function and are strikingly similar to the familiar toy. 

Garage door springs are the tightly coiled metal “slinkies” situated just above your garage door (torsion springs) or stretched just along either side (extension springs). However, these springs are nothing to play with. They hold an extreme amount of tension that makes them quite dangerous upon interaction. Your tightly coiled garage door springs work to counterbalance the weight of your garage door. They do this by rotating or extending to release some of that tension while your garage door system is in operation and recoiling back into place in preparation for their next use. 

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Spring Repair Signs You Should Know

Naturally, over time, your garage door springs like any other piece of hardware will become worn out and break. When this happens, you’ll hear a resounding pop emit from your garage and you want to be out of harm’s way if possible. Before your garage door springs get to this point, they will begin to show some warning signs that necessary spring replacement is near. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Your garage door springs are approaching the end of their lifespan

Garage door springs are only made to last roughly 7-10 years, or 10,000 cycles, with one cycle being a complete opening and closing of your garage door. As your springs approach this lifespan they will weaken and become more easily breakable.

Your garage door springs have 3-4” gaps in between the coils

Gaps between coils is a major sign that you need garage door spring repair. When the coils become loose, this means that your spring is lacking the necessary tension to counterbalance the weight of the door. That unsupported weight will undoubtedly cause your springs to snap. Remember this about your coils: loose = lacking, tight = tension.

Your garage door is slamming shut

If your garage door slams shut, chances are the weight is not being appropriately distributed upon closing. This points directly to an issue with your garage door springs. It’s best to schedule repairs immediately to prevent your door from collapsing on you, your loved ones, or your belongings. At that point, garage door spring repair will only be one problem in a larger list of additional worries.

Schedule Garage Door Spring Repair With Us Today!

Garage door spring repair is nothing to take lightly. Luckily, you have the support of the entire Dakota Door Sales team in times of trouble. Simply give us a call, or fill out our online contact form for friendly, professional garage door spring repair near you! We look forward to serving you at your home or business location in Central Tennessee. 

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  • Dakota Door is a great company. Fast service and great people. I would recommend them to anyone needing gorage door repair or replacement

    Frank Walkup Avatar Frank Walkup
    April 20, 2024

    Excellent service. Called on a Wednesday evening and was repaired Friday morning. Would definitely recommend this business. Excellent communication. Thank you so much

    Patti Davis Avatar Patti Davis
    April 8, 2024

    Rob was here ahead of schedule. Work completed was in a timely and efficient manner. Garage door opens great!

    Donna Kaufman Avatar Donna Kaufman
    April 8, 2024
  • Very professional. They arrived when they said they would and correct my garage door. They are a pleasure to work with. We are fortunate to have such a great company to work with.

    Melinda Cooper Avatar Melinda Cooper
    April 1, 2024

    Very professional company with very experienced support. Highly recommend Dakota Door

    aaron knox Avatar aaron knox
    April 1, 2024

    Professional,friendly and show up when they say they will!

    michael pelham Avatar michael pelham
    March 21, 2024

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