Why You Should Leave Garage Door Repair to Professionals

When you run into issues with your garage door, you might be tempted to save a little money by attempting DIY garage door repairs. However, even if the issue seems minor, we encourage you to keep these four reasons not to attempt DIY garage door repair in mind. Hiring a professional to complete garage door repairs will keep you and your family safe while extending the lifespan of your entire garage door system. 

4 Reasons Not to Attempt DIY Garage Door Repairs

Garage Doors are Dangerous

The most important reason not to attempt DIY door repairs is that garage doors are very dangerous. They can weigh 500+ pounds and are difficult to maneuver without the right skillset. The garage door parts also maintain high tension to keep the garage door in place as it operates. If the garage door falls suddenly or the tension is released incorrectly, it could cause significant injuries to you or a loved one. 

DIY Repairs Could Void Your Warranties

Attempting DIY repairs may void the terms if your garage door is under warranty. Most manufacturers only honor the warranty if repairs are done by a professional. Consulting a professional before making any repairs, even minor ones, is always best to avoid footing the entire bill if something goes wrong.

You Could Shorten the Lifespan of Your Garage Door System

If you attempt garage door repairs on your own, you could be shortening the lifespan of your garage door system, meaning that you will have to pay for a total replacement sooner than you were expecting. However, if you partner with a professional garage door installer, many offer limited lifetime warranties when repairing or replacing your garage door. This means if something goes wrong with the door, you’re covered for little to no cost. 

Professionals Have the Best Tools and Parts

DIY garage door repair is also a bad idea because you more than likely don’t have the best tools and parts to fix the problem correctly. This could lead to a subpar repair job that will only be a temporary fix, meaning you still have to call for professional garage door repair in the long run. Or, you may not fix the issue and cause further damage to your garage door system, incurring more expensive repairs. That’s why we recommend you entrust repairs to professionals who possess the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure the job is done correctly.

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What are the Most Common Garage Door Repairs?

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement is one of the most dangerous garage door repairs. Springs hold high tension to keep your door in place as it operates. If this tension is released incorrectly, the spring could snap back and injure you or damage your garage door system. To perform a safe and effective garage door spring replacement, you also need the proper tools and high-cycle replacement parts, which most homeowners do not have readily available. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are electric motors that power all the automatic functions of your garage door. Just like any motor, you need professional insight to undertake repairs and ensure a good outcome. However, if you attempt DIY garage door opener repairs, you may be doing more harm than good. Working on your garage door opener yourself will also void the warranty, meaning you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any replacement parts your system may need. 

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Did you accidentally back into the garage door? Or maybe a broken spring caused your door to bend, damaging several panels? Then garage door panel replacement is likely the service you need. However, never attempt to remove the damaged panels and replace them yourself. Always work with a garage door repair professional who can replace your garage door panel without damaging the rest of the door. 

Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Another incredibly dangerous DIY garage door repair to attempt on your own is off-track garage door repair. This is when an accident or broken part causes your overhead door to slip off the tracks and hang at an angle. Never attempt to restore the garage door into the tracks on your own! Instead, call a professional who can safely perform your off-track garage door repair while ensuring the long-term functionality of your entire garage door system. 

Work with Our Garage Door Repair Professionals 

Working with garage door repair professionals instead of attempting DIY repairs ensures your safety and the longevity of your garage door system. That’s why Dakota Door Sales is here to partner with you for the best results when it comes to local garage door repair. We serve all of Central Tennessee with fast, efficient garage door services, and we’re equipped with the best tools and replacement garage door parts to ensure a long-lasting repair.

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